Monday, 12 December 2011


Heres my piece for Illustration for 
Amnesty International - Stop Domestic Violence Against Women.

I used 2 birthday cakes, and removed all the 'Happy Birthday' items and brought 2 wedding toppers from a local shop. i broke the toppers in half as they were stuck together ( i was quite lucky as when you turn them it looks like the man is raising his hand to the woman) i used to paint to blacken her eyes and put blood on her lip and dress. I tried changing the background colours but i didn't feel any colours worked as well. Despite losing some of the males figure i felt other colours didn't quite fit right.

I have also added 2 roughs but they won't load at present :)


Final bits for Type, Not 100% Happy but hoping for the best :)


Here's some work from my folder 

Monday, 7 November 2011

iPhone App

Hey all, didn't know If you would know but there is a blogger app for iPhones. Thought it may be useful :)